Ice Cream Man: Sundae Edition Book 1

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"I've literally never read anything like this' genre-defying' sorta-anthology thing, but it's f*cking awesome. The writing is strange and deeply unsettling, and the artwork is gorgeous. The new comic I most look forward to reading each month." --Brian K.

Saga Collecting the first twelve issues of the critically acclaimed, best-selling anthology comic ICE CREAM MAN, this oversized hardcover offers a veritable super-sundae of storytelling flavors. From the haunting inaugural issue, to an exploration of opioid abuse, to alauded three-tiered silent meditation, to even the far reaches of future outerspace-there's a sliver of suffering here for everyone. The Ice Cream Man is coming around the block...can you hear his sweet little song? Collects ICE CREAM MAN#1-12

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