Wicked City/Demon City Shinjuku Blu Ray

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Double bill of Japanese anime OVA's directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and based on the novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi. In 'Wicked City' (1987), an elite police force known as the Black Guard protect the boundaries between the human world and the demon one. When human officer Taki Renzaburo (voice of Yuusaki Yara) is paired with demon officer Makie (Toshiko Fujita) there is an immediate attraction between the pair.

However, as they are set the task of protecting the life of ancient mystic Guiseppe Mayart (Ichiro Nagai) both must learn to work together and defend Mayart's life or risk a demon takeover of the human world. In 'Demon City Shinjuku' (1988), parts of Tokyo have become barren wastelands where demons roam. As evil Rebi Ra (Kiyoshi Kobayashi) looks to conquer the rest of the city by poisoning the President he is resisted by Kyoya Izayoi (Hideyuki Hori), whose father was a renowned hero in the war against the demons.

However, as Kyoya follows in his father's footsteps he realises that he does not possess the usual qualities that belong to a hero. Nevertheless, with the help of the President's daughter, Sayaka Rama (Hiromi Tsuru), they set about defeating evil once and for all.
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